Thursday, March 10, 2005

ICHE has a new website! Last week The Alliant was mailed out advertising online registration for the convention, but our website was in the process of being changed and their was no online registration on the old site. So we began getting a bunch of emails saying "Where is it?" and now, finally, the convention information and registration is all online!! Check out the brand new look at:

Oh, and if you see any errors in the text, let me know. I've spent all afternoon filling in the text and I think it rather probable that I've got some mixed up sentances, etc. in there somewhere! There are still some 'bugs' along the way that we've been trying to work out (our web guy has been great) and some "coming soon" pages that I still have to fill, but I think we've got enough there to launch it on the great sea of public access! :-)

Let us know what ya' think!

Jessica Erber


2saints said...

It's terrific! You are wonderful web designers. I've been to every page on there but honestly was more fascinated by the pictures. ;o) I'll try to revisit and be a bit more objective. LOL

Erber Correspondent said...

Well, we can't really take much credit for it. Josh Beall (a homeschool grad from Virginia) and his brother, Aaron, did all the design work and everything else that goes into a site like that. We just told them our needs and gave them some ideas early on and then sent feedback as they noodled out the design and features, etc. Glad you like it! Let us know if you have further thoughts whenever you take that "more objective" look! :) BTW, it is still in progress...