Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Wanderings

This past weekend found every member of our family out of town! Thus the absolute silence from our family and on our blog.

Joseph, Joanna & Josiah were the closest to home as they spent Friday & Saturday with Jeremy, Sara & Caroline - just 5 miles away in Capron, IL. They appeared to have a wonderful time there and were also able to come back and take care of the chicks morning and evening.

Josh... hmm. Should I reveal where Josh was??? Oh, all right I'll tell. Josh spent the weekend at the Vision Forum Father/Daughter Retreat in Georgia. It actually really truly was for a legitimate (business) reason, BUT that didn't prevent good natured ribbing about it! His expertise in AV aparatus was sought for the event, as well as some of his equipment and his service in recording the sessions, etc. Josh just got home VERY late last night and so I imagine we'll hear more stories and a complete report about it today.

Dad, Mom, Jonathan & I (Jessica, again) made a 5 hour trek south to Pittsfield, Illinois (which is just north of St. Louis) on Friday to speak at a support group meeting. While we were there, we enjoyed the hospitality of support group leaders Bob & Karla DeVries and their family. Unfortunately, Jonathan forgot (!) his camera so we don' t have any pictures to share from that trip. But just you wait. Our next trip promises to be full of picture taking opportunities - and I think we'll probably have 3 cameras with us... Well, maybe we'll leave one here in case those staying home want to take some pictures.

Wondering the when and where of the next trip? Here's our schedule for the rest of the month:
This Thursday, Josh & I fly out to North Carolina for a conference, while Jeremy, Sara, Caroline, Dad, Mom, Jonathan, Joseph, Joanna & Josiah head down to Peoria, Illinois for a conference.
They get home Saturday night, we get home Sunday evening.

Monday by noon Dad, Josh, Jonathan, Joseph & I (accompanied by Anna & Luke VonHolten) will be hitting the road for the annual Resounding Voice trip to Albuquerque for the New Mexico homeschool conference. Hopefully, we will only hit the road and not a cow or something this time! We should arrive back home again in the late afternoon hours of April 25.

Of course, we'll try to keep this page SOMEWHAT up to date between now and then. Especially if a little bundle arrives in Milwaukee!! (Jeanine's due date - or is it the baby's? - is April 20th)

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