Wednesday, April 20, 2005

On The Road Again!

Greetings from New Mexico! I'm posting these pictures from our hotel room at the Drury Inn, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Yes, we are on the road again! Anna & Luke VonHolten joined Dad, Joshua, Jonathan, Joseph, & I on Monday afternoon as we headed west. Around 1:00am Mountain time we arrived at our final destination - Albuquerque. We arrived ahead of schedule and didn't have reservations for last night, but thought surely there would be a room or two available... Nope. After driving around to a few hotels we began to wonder if there were any stables in town! By 2:00 we found 2 rooms at a La Quinta Inn that were available and we quickly unpacked and crashed into bed!

After taking it very easy this morning we moved into our current rooms which will be our home base for the rest of the weekend.

Tommorrow the "business" side of the trip begins at the CAPE-NM Homeschool Convention. Should you stop by the conference, you will find us all dressed in Resounding Voice blues, with the guys sporting burgundy bow ties. But until then - we relax!

Hasta luego, amigos!


Erber Correspondent said...

Hello all,

Clarifying the last picture... Luke and I are listening to music on my laptop sharing a pair of earphones.


Nathan said...

Jonathan and Luke...glad to hear it was only headphones. It looked like you had been drafted into the CIA :-)