Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Welcome Home!

What fun it was to get a phone call as we neared home informing us that Jeremy, Sara, Caroline, Nathan, Jeanine, and Corrine, would be joining us for a welcome home dinner! It was Jeanine & Corrine's first outing and both handled it just fine. We had a great time catching up with everyone.

We took a couple of minutes to weigh the babies and while Caroline is still twice the weight of her younger cousin, Corrine is certainly not slack in her growth!

Uncle Josiah enjoys a minute with his youngest niece after dinner.

Bedtime for the babies (and mommies & daddies)!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Will you be staying around for awhile, or are you off to someplace else?


Erber Correspondent said...

Well, the plan is to be home for the next two weeks. Then comes the Michigan convention, and right on the heels of that one is ICHE's convention! Then in the 11 weeks following that, Josh has conferences in New York, Southern Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Virginia & Texas!

2saints said...

That last one is a priceless picture.

The mamas and papas all look wonderful and Corrine looks so alert. I don't think I've ever seen a baby look so bright-eyed so young.

Wow! Josh (and all of you?) are going to be busy in the near future. We're back in winter weather mode for now so you can hibernate for a bit before touring the nation. ;o)

Erber Correspondent said...

I really love that last picture! And, yes, Corrine is definitely an alert little lady.

After coming home from New Mexico, it definitely feels rather winter like today. We won't all be going everywhere with Josh, but various ones of us will join him on various trips. So, yes, we will be touring the nation this year!