Tuesday, May 01, 2007

'Twas blind, but now...

The newest news on the home front is that as of this past weekend, Jonathan and Joseph are wearing glasses! It's taken a few days for them to look natural with glasses, and Jonathan still doesn't quite, but they both are amazed at how much they can see now.

Of the two, Joseph definitely needs them most. Apparently his eyes haven't been able to keep up with the immense amount of growing he has done this past year. But Jonathan has found that improved vision has its ups and downs. He claims that dandelions growing along the road now give him headaches ("because you can see each one of them...") but on the other hand, he is greatly enjoying the help they give with playing the piano as he can now read the music without having to look at each note.

No, those aren't the glasses that either of our guys are wearing! They're just an old "dress-up" pair that somebody found...

Last week Josh and crew made it back safe and sound from their trip to New Mexico, and this week they are preparing for another business trip - though not quite such a distant one. Just across the lake, this time!

Over the weekend we've had some really nice weather up here - although today is a little too warm. But that has meant that we've finally pulled out the mowers and are cutting the lawn for the first time of the year! It's been less than three weeks since the last major snowfall, but I think Spring might finally be here to stay.

Josiah's wonderful cello teacher is switching to a studio that is both more prestigious, and closer to her home, which means that the music academy is looking for a new cello teacher. This past Saturday, Josiah was chosen as the student to have a 'sample lesson' with a teacher who is being considered for the job. So not only did the 'ones in charge' get to observe this teacher, but Mom and Josiah also got to see what this teacher is like and if they want to stay for lessons or go elsewhere. Having witnessed Josiah play at a recent "cello showcase," the director of the music academy described him as having "...quite a mature sound and approach to the instrument. He is a bright and eager student." Keep up the good work, Josiah!

Yesterday after church we had several families back to our house and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon visiting, playing croquet, enjoying the rope swing, jumping rope, playing football and volleyball - including a parents vs. kids volleyball game that many participated in. Now that was an enjoyable game (or rather series of games) to watch. Some pretty sharp looking volleys, as well as some pretty not-sharp-looking-but-still-rather-impressive volleys to witness! :-) We'll have to do it again...


The Vhs Fam said...

Thanks for the update! ;)

Sure did have a GREAT time
on Sunday....Thanks so much!

The Von Holtens

the carlsons said...

What a CUTE piture of
Winston! LOVE the glasses:)

Thanks so much for
having us on Sunday...
we had a wonderful
time...we will definitly
have to do it again!

Love ya'll,
The Carlson Family

The Strand Family said...

Thanks for having us over last Sunday it was a lot of fun.

The Strands