Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Birthday time, again!

We're a little bit behind on our posts, here, but better late than never! On April 15, Corrine celebrated her 2nd birthday, and then on Saturday, April 21, Winston had his very first birthday! Happy, happy birthday!!

Saturday we had a birthday dinner for them both, and our "entertainment" for them was having a tree service come and take down a tree that was leaning over our garage. Winston was just entirely thrilled to watch that!

After dinner, Grandma, Aunt Joanna, and Uncle Josiah babysat the young'ns, while the rest of us attended a concert of Jonathan's. Lots of beautiful German, French and Latin songs - along with a couple of pieces requiring very impressive piano accompaniments, provided by Jonathan. Wow, was it great!


Carlsons said...

A happy,happy Birthday
to Corrine and Winston!!
Much love, the Carlsons

David said...

Happy Birthday!! We love you both,

the Yens

Mrs. Van Dellen said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!

May the Lord bless you with many, many, many more!

The VHS said...

Happy Birthday to you Corrine
and Winston...We have enjoyed
watching you grow up....God
bless you both and we love you
VERY much!

PS...The Concert WAS lovely and
we so enjoyed Jonathan's piano
accompaniments.... ;)

The Von Holten Fam

Kaity McDonnell said...

Cute pictures! We enjoy keeping up with your blog.