Friday, May 11, 2007


Last weekend was a conference weekend, one of many such weekends that we will experience this year. Thankfully, this one was 'close to home' - just across The Lake. Of course, it was still a several hour drive, but compared to other conference destinations it was right next door.

The INCH Convention was the event that called us over there. Josh and crew ran Resounding Voice, as pictured above, in the front near corner of the vendor hall, and as far away as possible - in the far back corner of the hall - was the book table that Dad and Jessica were 'manning' for Vision Forum. Quite honestly, I think we are getting rather used to these trips and are taking less pictures than we have the last couple of years! It's just another conference... and yet we are grateful for that conference and the opportunities and discussions that it brought into our lives and the resources and discussions that we were able to share with others. God in His goodness, has given to us work and ministry that we enjoy. But He sure has given us plenty of it to fill and over fill the next 6 weeks! We'll try to keep you up to date on who is where as we have some unique and exciting events coming up.

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