Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Food, fun and fellowship

So that we didn't get bored while Dad and Mom were gone, the Strand family invited us over for the evening on Saturday to celebrate Stuart's 12th birthday! Happy birthday, Stuart, and thanks for having us over!! The guys got out their BB guns and did some "target practice" shooting at vanilla wafers lined up on a log in the middle of a yet-unplanted corn field.

Then, lest we have too much time unsupervised, the VonHolten family invited us over to join them and some other families from church for a relaxed afternoon at their place on Sunday. Again, we found ourselves enjoying ourselves with some of the great people that God has placed into our lives. We didn't get any pictures of Sunday, but the VHS did! :)

Thanks to you all for hosting us this past weekend! We are so grateful to the Lord for your families!


the Strands said...

Thanks so much for coming over last saturday. It was a lot of fun.

The Strands

P.S. They came and planted the field last monday

David Boskovic said...

Too fun. That's what friends are for. :D