Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We're back from Alabama!

The final conference of the year has come and gone, and we're back home to stay... for awhile, anyway! What fun it was to see the Kawell family for the first time in nearly two years. They graciously hosted Josh and I over the weekend and chauffeured us back and forth to the conference. Late nights were the rule (is anyone surprised?) and lots of catching up, and other delightful conversation was indulged in. AND, us Illinoisians were educated in the importance of college football - specifically Alabama vs. Auburn! We just happened to be in town the weekend of the big game...

The Kawell boys "sacrificed" some time to introduce Josh to Madden Football while we were there.

Josh specifically hit it off well with the Kawell's youngest, Nathan.

Lindsay, Blair and I have enjoyed each others company at several of the events we have traveled to this year. We enjoyed sharing the laughter and loneliness known only to those who have been "left behind" by older sisters who are finding the attention that they used to bestow upon their sisters, now consumed by certain special young men! :-)

The conference itself went very well and we enjoyed seeing some familiar faces again, and making some new contacts, as well. We are grateful to have enjoyed to the opportunity to work with the NCFIC this year.

Back at home, the family spent the weekend raking leaves and roasting turkeys! The trees are just about bare (aside from the oaks), so leaf raking should be almost done - maybe??? Turkey roasting, however, will certainly be done again this week. Last weekend's roasting was for the Thanksgiving feast that our church shared together this past Sunday after the service. The few leftovers that Josh and I got to taste after getting home later that evening were very good, so I imagine that the dinner itself was even better! I heard that the food was very bountiful, and that the facility our church rents never smelled so good!!!


Justin Kelly said...

Madden Football is WAY cool!


Ortega Recorder said...

The reports of the church smelling good and the food living up to the aroma are oh so true! We missed you - glad you are back - Ortegas