Thursday, November 03, 2005


We're back! Thanks to Vision Forum and staff, for once again inviting us to work with them. We always enjoy the opportunities to work and visit with the Vision Forum family and the various other friends we just happen to run into at their events!

We arrived safely at the Huber home on Saturday, October 22nd, after about 24 hours of driving (divided between two days).

We enjoyed relaxing with them that evening, and the next day.
Then came Monday. Between a funeral, various choir rehersals, visiting the Alamo, shopping, and trying to get "some" sleep, we were in and out and up and down for the next several days and saw quite a bit of each other in passing! We parted again with the determination that "someday" we're going to get together just to visit. Someday...

Joseph and Josiah enjoyed the opportunity to help out with the chores - including milking (and riding) the Huber's cow, Ruby.



A la mode

But moving ahead to the event that brought us down to Texas: the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. Once again, the SAICFF attracted a large crowd of Christian filmmakers from across the world. The collection of film shorts that made the semi-finalists list and were shown during the weekend included everything from hilarious, to thought provoking, to touching. Some were amateur films made by kids in their teens, some created by highly skilled professionals. Of course, there were also sessions given on various practical, philosophical and cultural issues behind filmmaking. We were there because Resounding Voice was hired to record the sessions during the festival - as well as the sessions given earlier in the week during the three day filmmakers academy.

The Huber family graciously planned and provided meals for us all to enjoy during the film festival. We smuggled the food through the convention center to a quiet area just outside the convention center along the famous Riverwalk. The weather was lovely, the meals delicious, and the company outstanding. :-)

Jeremy & Nathan Huber enjoy dinner together before the world premiere of 'League of Grateful Sons'

Just before viewing the League of Grateful Sons, the Sentimental Journey Orchestra entertained us with songs of the WWII generation. Lots of fun!

Hmm. Looks like a conspiracy to me...

Kaylianna Jane Huber and Caroline Joy Erber

Sunday October 30th, found a crowd of around 40 at the Huber home for dinner, from New Zealand, Oregon, Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin, and, of course, Texas.

As you might imagine, we stayed up into the later evening hours laughing, talking, watching a few favorite films from the weekend, and generally enjoying each other's company.

Then came Monday. Our whirlwind visit to San Antonio was over. We bid adieu and were on the road around 10:30am. Around 10:30am on Tuesday, after sleeping through most of the 24 hour drive, we arrived back home. Now it's time to unpack, catch up, settle in, and look ahead! Having been out of town for most of the last two months has sort of put us behind on a few things around here!


The Huber Family said...

We miss you soooooo much! Thank you for coming down. Having you here made our week so wonderful and your help was much needed! We love you guys.

Kae :)

rick huber said...

Today we said goodbye to the Zes family and now we are experiencing the "empty nest syndrome". We greatly miss all of you, and Ruby is really having a difficult time without the Erbers around. Please come back to Texas as soon as you can. We thank God for being able to see all of you these past several days. We wish you could have joined us on dance night.

Erber Correspondent said...

Rick - That is just toooooo funny - "empty nest syndrome"!! What a thing to experience with "only" THIRTEEN of you at home! But, I guess when there were TWENTY-SEVEN of us all together staying at your house last week, thirteen is, well . . . less anyway. :-)

We had a great week with you all. What a blessing!

We sure miss Ruby's big brown eyes . . . and creamy white milk.

And, of course, we miss your whole family. You all sure have the gift of "hosting". It was an honor to spend the week with y'all.

Thanks for the great memories!