Monday, November 07, 2005

Looking Ahead!

Like we said, now that we're home we have an opportunity to look ahead to upcoming events and opportunities. A couple of these events we'd like to bring to your attention and extend an earnest invitation to each of you to join us for these special days.

First, foremost, and soonest, is the 2005 Do-It-Yourself Messiah, sponsored by The LaSalle Bank. We will be attending the performance on Tuesday, December 20th. This event is annually a highlight of our year. Tickets to attend are free of charge - but in HIGH demand. Be sure to visit their website ON November 15th to submit your request for tickets to this fabulous event. We'll be getting as many extras as we can, so if you don't get the tickets you request, or decide later that you'd like to attend, let us know and we'll see if we can help!

For those of you who have never attended, The Do-It-Yourself Messiah is an event hosted annually at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago. The soloists, the conductor, and the orchestra are provided. The "audience" becomes the choir. The attendees are divided into sections (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), and after various opening comments by directors, sponsors, and such, the orchestra opens with the overture and we sing through Handel's Messiah. It is a simply incredible evening! Check out the website for some details.

Secondly, we ask you all to mark your calendars now for the 2006 Liberty Day Celebration! Due to a variety of scheduling factors, Liberty Day 2006 has been moved a little bit earlier in the year. We will be holding the conference and festivities on the weekend of March 3-4, 2006. More details to come, but be sure to reserve the date! We have Dr. Paul Jehle scheduled as a guest speaker, and have another special guest we are hoping to soon confirm as well! Click Here to read about last year's celebration, and Click Here (and scroll down a little bit) to see pictures from the first several Liberty Day Celebrations!

We hope to see you there!


Koller's Cottage said...

Hello, just found your blog through the Huber's blog. We are the Koller family, I believe we have met you all before. We attend church in St. Louis with the Zes family...It was nice to find you on the net.

2saints said...

Can you still go if you can't sing? :oD

I haven't even asked B about it yet. Just figured if the demand was HIGH I'd better get tickets while I can. If we can't use them we'll pass them on, but I'm hoping...

Okay, how do you get enough tickets for your family to attend let alone any extras?

I just ordered four--that's all they'd let us order. We'll have to cast lots to see who stays at home. :o)

Erber Correspondent said...

Welcome Kollers - It's good to "meet" you!

Mrs. 2Saint!! It's good to hear from you - it's been awhile! I hope your family is doing well. Umm, yeah, the demand was high this year! By 9:30 they took the form offline due to "overwhelming demand." I'm glad we got ours requested before then - I just hope we got enough extras!

How do we get enough tickets? Well, there's our address, there's N&J's address, there's J&S's address, there's Grandma's address, there's our PO Box address... we get them! :)

2saints said...


By the time we figured out we could use B's work address, it was too late. :o( Next year we'll know. ;o)

We've been gone for almost a month off and on to take care of family.

While we've not been able to keep in touch during that time, we've certainly kept you all in our thoughts and prayers.

With Much Love