Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pictures taken just moments ago...


Amber D.M. said...

Beautiful. It looks like the "sticky, no sticky" kind. *wink*

That is part of a saying my grandfather used to say. If the snow is sticky, it won't stick around long. If it is not sticky, then it will stick around for a while. So the snowfalls are either "sticky, no sticky" or "no sticky, sticky." =)

We didn't get any snow here.

Justin Kelly said...

That is SO not fair! Weather forecast for Houston on Thanksgiving.....80 degrees!


Erber Correspondent said...

Amber, it is definitely the "sticky, no sticky" kind of snow. We weren't supposed to get any, and this afternoon is supposed to bring rain followed by a temperature drop = ice! :)

Justin - We'd send some of our delightful winter weather down to you if we could, but I think you're going to have to come up to get it!

Jen Barnes said...

Hey Erber Family -
When you're done with the cold white stuff, can you PLEASE send it up to the Denver area in Colorado? We sure could use the moisture, not to mention that the mountains look absolutely gorgeous when they're covered with fresh powder! (yeah, and you don't have to remind the skiers of that little fact!)

Erber Correspondent said...

What??? No snow in Denver? I thought up there in the mountains you ALWAYS had snow! :-)

Snow covered mountains do sound lovely, though... then again, snow or no snow, mountains sound like a stunning sight to a flatlander like myself!


The Horn Family said...

The snow looks so gorgeous! Although we're not used to having snow for Thanksgiving, it is quite an adjustment preparing to celebrate the day with 80 degree weather down here in San Antonio.
I will surely miss the snow this winter, but hope to at least see pictures of it on your blog.

Your blog has been one of my favorites for awhile, but until now I have remained a silent reader - I guess that is kind of a confession. :)
Have a truly blessed Thanksgiving!


Ruth said...

Very beautiful pictures. We had a light covering this morning, but it's all gone now.

Erber Correspondent said...

Hi Cara! It's good to hear from you. I suppose I should "confess" to keeping up with your blog, too! :) I hope you have a delightful Thanksgiving - even if the weather is a little odd!

Mrs. M - I would have thought being closer to "the lake" you would have gotten more snow than us!

Ruth said...

This time of year it is still "warmer by the lake" so it takes a little more snow for any to stick.

My sister-in-law lives in Channahon (southwest of Joliet), and my mother-in-law lives in Matteson just off of Lincoln Highway (route 30), and we're always amazed at how different the weather can be within that relatively small span (about 45 miles to mil and a little more to sil).

One day this past summer it was in the 70's when we left mil's home and by the time we got downtown it had dropped 26 degrees. I called her when we got home to see if a cold front had come through, but no, it was still in the 70's at her house. We were in the 50's.

We should have taken a picture of the lake when we drove past it yesterday. The sky was a bright blue but the water was gray green--very stormy with huge waves. We haven't seen it that rough in years. Chicago is a wonderful place to live--all the variety!