Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Today marks a very significant day in the life of Joshua David Erber.
Not only is it his birthday, it is his 21st birthday!

Happy Birthday, Josh! May God grant you many more!


Ortega Recorder said...

Happy Birthday, Josh!

The best to you - May God grant you grace and strength as He continues to form you into His image.

The Ortegas

The VHS said...

Happy Birthday Josh, I hope you had a great day. God bless you in the year to come.

Jonathan M. Erber said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, we've come to make you... (well, never-mind)
Happy Birthday Josh!

Have a great day!

supyo1776 said...

Many happy returns, Josh! I look forward to seeing you again, wherever and whenever that may be.

The Huber Family said...

We hope you enjoyed the happiest of Birthdays! We only regret that we couldn't celebrate it with should have stayed in Texas for a few more days :)