Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Looking ahead

March is here! And with a new month, come a whole new set of items on the to-do list. Most of those to-do's center around Liberty Day, some preparation for some responsibilities in April, as well as a few birthdays.

Sunday we get to see Josh & Abbey again! Yippee!! We also have a rehearsal for the 2nd Virginia Convention reenactment and the Erberanteys (sorry, no dresses this year!).

We've moved to a new facility for Liberty Day this year, so we've got a few more things to think about as we get ready. But overall, it should be a much more comfortable place to spend the day - it's prettier, too! AND, in addition to the fun stuff planned, Dr. Foster should be just excellent on the topic of the heroes and happenings of America's European roots. I, personally, am really looking forward to it.

It's hard to believe that this is our 10th Liberty Day Celebration! It's grown a bit since that first year with just us in the living room. "Just us" has grown a bit, too! Let's see, three weddings, 6 grandchildren...

One last comment on Liberty Day: You don't want to miss it! So, visit this link, send in your registration, and start making your plans to come! We look forward to seeing you there!

Aside from Liberty Day, winter is trying to decide if it is staying or leaving, so we are swinging back and forth between single digit temperatures and snow, and rain and mud. Guess it's March!

Last Friday, some friends invited us ladies over for a 'girls day'. We spent the afternoon and early evening there enjoying conversation, games, and food! Thanks, Johnsons, for the day out!

Around home, we're still just taking life somewhat easy around here since the wedding. Josiah is still struggling to overcome a fever/cough thing that he came down with last week. So far, the rest of us just have been extra tired but haven't actually gotten a fever or anything.

Last night we had a spontaneous visit from Caroline and William. They arrived as we were getting dinner ready and stayed until bed time. William is an extremely slow chewer, and can keep food in his mouth for a LONG time... but, he is a boy and a competitive one. As soon as Caroline was taking her last bite, he stuffed the rest of the food on his plate into his little mouth, and as soon as he could, opened up enough to shout, "I'm done!" and inform us that he had finished first!

While some of the others got started watching a video on Cathedral building, Caroline, William and I sang through the first half of the "Sound of Music" and reenacted much of it as we went along! They know it pretty well! :-)

That video on Cathedral building, though, was quite impressive. I felt myself to be rather stupid after watching it! The kinds of things these men had to study, and know, and do, was amazing. So much for folks being uneducated during the medieval era!

Time to sign off. I'm being called to attend to other duties in the other room!


anika said...

ok, that is so not fair... what is the movie? you mustn't leave us hanging? Each of the Erbers that I have met, (that would be...ummm let me think... ALL of you), are highly educated persons... If it left you feeling as though you lacked, you must share! (we are still watching the famed Grecian civilization die, but middle ages is soon upon us... and the name of the video would be...... thank you!

anyway :) you all are loved! Pray Josiah feels better VERY soon. :)

Erber Correspondent said...

The film was an hour long 1985 PBS/David Macaulay documentary titled "Cathedral". It wasn't the video itself that was so impressive (though it was interesting), but what struck me was the amount of detailed study and work, the amount of mathematical understanding, the amount of just plain hard work, the scientific knowledge, the calculations, the planning, the time... that went into designing and building a cathedral back in the mid-13th century. Wow!

- Jessica

Megan Rose said...