Monday, March 10, 2008

Watch out for pot-holes!

I spent the day dealing with my car. This morning I hit a pot-hole. The impact actually turned on my wipers! It also bent my tire rim and ruined the tire. So, I found a driveway and changed my tire.

On my way to buy a new tire and rim (and totally unrelated to the pot-hole) the serpentine belt on the motor decided to come apart in spectacular smoking fashion... One never knows what a day will bring!

Pot-holes. . . a midwestern blessing of spring.

Let's remember to thank Him for all things.



Becky Kawell said...

I have a neighbour who intends to transition her children from private christian school to home-school next year. Can you recommend a couple of books for her? More importantly we have loved the pictures of Josh and Abbey and their sweet silly smiles! I wish we could have been there.

Erber Correspondent said...

Hi Becky,

A good book for your neighbor about homeschooling? Let me think about that one...

Until then - does anyone else have a recommendation for a book or two for a family transitioning from private to home school?

...and yes, we love J & A's sweet smiles, too. :-)