Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nine days...

I think Josh is enjoying this Valentine's day more than any previous one! Though, he did spend the day with Abbey last Valentine's day, too... It was more that several members of our families were together skiing with a bunch of other homeschoolers!

This is, however, a somewhat sad Valentine's day for the rest of us, as we mourn the loss of the last working camera in the house! It got baptized (immersion, not sprinkling, sadly), and so we are completely camera-less now. We plan to make an emergency run to buy one today, as it is very extremely necessarily important that we have one here over the next two weeks. Hopefully nothing too memorable will happen in the meantime!


Erber Correspondent said...


We are working on that wonderful warming weather for you... We're up to 23 degrees now!

BTW - Do Texans own winter coats?

How about boots??


Heather Paulsen said...

We just got a really nice point and shoot at best buy for $90 and it saves video as well. You can see the pics n my blog:

Yes, there are lots of pictures you don't want to miss!

Erber Correspondent said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Heather! We actually got a new camera at Best Buy this afternoon. So nice to have stores like that around, huh?

Oh, and your kids are so cute! You must have a busy home with two little boys around. The grandkids around here are still girl dominant! :-)

- Jessica

Kim said...


These "transplanted Yankees" own winter coats....they might be 15 years old, but they still work! After our ski trip to NM in 2006, some even have boots! Of course, others of us never wore boots when we lived in IL!

Now, we do have real Texan who owns boots, a winter jacket, gloves, scarves....the whole 10 yards! She likes to be warm, as she puts it. It will be fun introducing her to IL in February.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, no matter what the weather!