Thursday, February 07, 2008

How fleeting are the days...

We're having troubles, still, with getting picture uploaded to the blog, so once again here is a plain text update. So imagine pictures of us at a bridal shower, imagine snow covered trees and lanes...

Yesterday was a big day. Big as in lots, heavy, and deep. For about 24 hours we had steady heavy snow "showers". Everything closed down for the day, so we got caught up on a lot of around the house things (like making tons of meatballs for Wedding Week meals). Ultimately, there are approximately 16 inches accumulated out there. Joseph was our hero as after working for Jeremy all day, he came home and cleared the driveway for us! We're supposed to get some more snow again tomorrow, but today is lovely.

Today is a big day for five Erbers. Shortly after 6:30am they were headed out the door along with a few Strands, a few Hills, and a Webb to hit the slopes. They had been planning a ski day today for some weeks, and the Lord graciously sent this snow at just the perfect time for them. They won't be back until very late tonight, but hopefully they will all come back in one piece. If you see the bride, groom or a member of the wedding party in a cast... I'm sure they'll be fine. And hopefully they'll remember to pull the camera out and snap a few pics that we can get up here!

Tomorrow is a big day. We'll have Jeanine and kiddos here, as well as Lauren Strand, and are hoping to get all the tux alterations done for the guys, and sew matching vests for Winston & William, AND get all the Liberty Day fliers printed, folded, addressed, stamped and mailed. If you'd like to print your own flier it is available online here. Or you can simply browse the Liberty Day Blog for all the important information. Eventually, we'll have info on books and resources that will be available for sale, but that is going to have to wait until after the wedding.

As I'm sitting here typing this, I (Jessica), Dad and Mom are the only ones home. But from the living room I'm hearing a doll laughing and begging to be tickled. It's only supposed to do that when it's tummy is squeezed (which isn't happening)... must be running low on batteries or something.

Oh, and Jonathan updated his blog with some pictures and video from his recent trip with his choir to the IMEA conference in Peoria, IL.

The two week forecast shows highs in the low-20's during the week of the wedding. So the weather should be nice for those of you coming in from out of town. It is hard to believe we're down to the final couple of weeks here!

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