Friday, February 01, 2008

More Bits

Well, February is here! And in switching the calendar to a new month, the wedding seems much closer... we can see it now on the last Saturday of THIS month! It's only three weeks away! And, of course, out of town guests are coming in sooner than that. We're excited around here!

And we are busy. Busy buying final accessories, busy finalizing whatever other plans still need to be finalized, busy with bridal showers (three in the last 2 weeks, and another one tomorrow), busy trying to also carry on school and normal life responsibilities, oh, and in the midst of wedding anticipation, Liberty Day is not to be ignored! I think we finally have all the details we need in house and I spent a day earlier this week updating the Liberty Day site. There is still some more that needs to get up there, and then I need to tackle the brochure to be mailed out.

We've also been doing a bunch of cooking/baking and filling our freezer with food to pull out when wedding guests are in town. Yesterday we made 8 loaves of sourdough bread, but they didn't turn out quite the same as they usually do. Somebody got them in the oven to rise before heading out the door, but apparently forgot to set the timer... and apparently no one else forgot to check it and when that certain Somebody got back home 4 hours later, she noticed that the bread wasn't out... yup, it had spilled all over the oven. It sure rose well, at least! For the next hour the house smelled like burning bread, because, well, the overflow was burning. So the loaves look a little funny, but we're grateful for a certain brother who assured us all that it was just "An all new look, but the same great taste!" Dear guests, you may be assured, however, that we'll be eating those first and making another batch for y'all!

Jonathan is out of town this weekend at a music educators conference down in Peoria, Illinois. He is there to sing with the Rock Valley Chamber Singers who are a featured choir at the event. There was an open to the public concert there as well, but I'm a little late here as it was last night. None of us were able to be there, but he reported that the concert went very well - something they were all concerned about with flu bugs going around, a very dry conference center (they were drinking like camels, he said), and little sleep on the trip. I'm sure we'll hear more details when he gets back home on Saturday evening.

I've got to sign off though, and make some of that sad looking bread into yummy French Toast for breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....your bread experience sounds very similar to an experience that I think you witnessed at our house a couple of weeks ago....Was that catchy too? hee hee!

The Goulds

anna said...

WOW sounds like you all are VERY busy...we are looking forward to the "BIG DAY" toooo...Should be a wonderful time of celebrating God's goodness to HIS children....

Thanks for the update