Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Recital Weekend

Music, music, music! What a delightful thing it is! This past weekend held spring recitals for Joanna, Josiah & Jonathan. Plus, we had the opportunity to attend the senior recital of our neighbor, pianist Jacob Bernhardt. Jacob's recital was one outstanding piece after another, including an Italian song sung by his sister, Jessica, and an impressive Sibelius violin concerto performed with a friend, violinist Daniel Ziessmer.

But more to the interest of most of our readers, would be the string recital at the Rockford Music Academy and the Piano recital at the Mendelssohn Club.

On the campus of Rockford College, in one of the dance studios, gathered moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, friends, teachers... and the performing students!

Josiah took the stage early on in the program to perform "The Happy Farmer" by Robert Schumman. Although we had a couple false starts (something needed to be adjusted with the cello end pin rest), once we finally got going, he played it through without a hitch! And yes, that is me accompanying him.

Joanna performed "Humoresque" by Antonin Dvorak. With a smile on her lips, she stood before the audience and performed as if she was quite comfortable there.

And here's a post-recital shot of Josiah with his cello teacher, Miss Abbey Wakefield.

Over at the Mendelssohn Club in Rockford, a more formal recital took place as the students of Mrs. Charlotte Bendorf took the stage. Jonathan was the only Erber represented here, and none other was needed!

During the recital, Jonathan performed all three movments of a Beethoven Sonata, Opus 10 #1

And after the recital Jonathan tore up the Steinway with a Rachmoninoff Prelude which he played - at his teacher's request - for a fellow student.


Kim Kelly said...

Oh, memories......I probably frequented that dance studio at one time (many, MANY years ago!)....good, old RC!

Thank you for sharing such the photos and such a vivid description of the recital performances. I look forward to hearing wonderful music the next time we are able to visit!

The Editors said...

Oh, this is encouraging to see. Esther, Amber and I have a recital on the 12th. I am playing Corelli's Sonata #12/La Folia and am still polishing. I still get the cold sweats at recitals, just the word makes my get the jitters:) Something I always hoped to outgrow!

Be sure to have Jonathan check out www.fringefocus.blogspot.com for his article there on buying online.


Erber Correspondent said...

Mrs. Kelly - the dance studio the recital was in is just down the hall from the Maddox Theater...

Sarah - hope the recital goes well! Josiah has his book recital this Saturday and then we're done for the season.

Kim Kelly said...


Miss Poor....Intro to Ballet....can you believe it? One semester was enough for us both! I spent as little time as possible in Clark Arts Center - maybe if I had had more talent, but my time seemed better spent in the language lab or the library!

Mrs. K

The Serven Clan said...

Keep up all the practicing! It sure pays off, doesn't it?
The Servens