Friday, May 27, 2005

More Convention Pictures!

Crowd control. Looks like no one dared get close!

Advisory board members Mr. Jim Skarin & Mr. Dick Moeller (also treasurer) stop a moment to chat. They and their families were wonderful to work with through out the weekend! Mr. David Johnson is also on the advisory board, but he had just stood up to help someone when I snapped the picture!

Caroline & Corrine both survived their first ICHE convention just fine! Caroline was the adored mascot of the Resounding Voice crew, and Corrine was happy to just sleep in her mommy's arms. HOWEVER, this photographer failed to get a photo of either of them! But, Richard Carlson was another young one who experienced his first convention. He seemed to be enjoying it!

Since the vendor hall was in a separate building about 1/4 mile down the road, we had a few shuttle buses that ran back forth between the buildings. Thanks to Answers in Genesis for sponsoring the service! Here Mr. Carlson boards the bus to head to the vendor hall in search of his wife and children...

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