Monday, May 23, 2005

ICHE Convention 2005

Ken Ham was one of the keynote speakers at ICHE's 2005 convention where we welcomed around 3700 attendees! It was a wonderful (yes, and exhausting) weekend.

ICHE Board members (l-r) John Gibert, Ken Sisson, Roger Erber

Resounding Voice enjoyed a busy and successful weekend, too. Using the NIU campus this year instead of Calvary Church meant many more miles put on as they ran to start the recordings in the session rooms back to the booth, checking on the recordings midway through the session, back to the booth, back to pick up the recordings, back to the booth...

(l-r) Luke VonHolten, Nathan DeLadurantey, Aaron Englund, Joseph Erber, Nathan Back, Adam Back, Jeremy Erber, Isaac Back, Joshua Erber, Jonathan Erber, and Dustin Webb, as Resounding Voice staff....

... and as ushers/bodyguards for the von Trapp family! They did a great job handling the 1,700+ crowd of von Trapp concert attendees both before and after the concert.

The Friday night concert was greatly enjoyed by all!

More later... maybe after some more unpacking, catching up - and a nap!!!


Ryan Kelly said...

Can you say "unpacking" and "upcatching?"



2saints said...

I must admit the bodyguards were even more intimidating in person. They scared me for a moment. ;o)

Bravo on a job well done. All around success.

You got the pics on the website changed quickly! Details, details--you guys are good.

I'm looking forward to a nap, too. :o) And more pictures. ;o)

Erber Correspondent said...

I suppose the guys did look pretty scarey! But I assure you, there is no need to fear them, they are all perfect gentlemen... and they were having a BLAST!! We've got an even more imposing shot of them. I'll have to put that one up, too!