Monday, May 09, 2005

New Piano!

Well, it wasn't easy, but we finally have a wonderful grand piano in our home! Jonathan got it for only a fraction of what it is worth. So on Saturday, Jeremy, Josh, Jonathan, Joseph & Luke VonHolten made the trek down to downtown Chicago to a third story apartment to take a look at the piano. Yes, third story apartment. Like I said, it wasn't easy!

It's an extremely heavy 1984 Kawai Grand Piano, that hasn't been tuned since 1991, and has been moved twice since then. But aside from that it is in excellent condition - beautiful and the tone quality is wonderful! It took them nearly 2 hours to maneuver it out of the apartment down the stairs and into Jer's truck. Several construction workers who were working on a neighboring apartment just stood by and watched as the boys worked, grunted and sweated. The former owner of the piano also watched, but couldn't stand to watch... she was so attached to her piano. However the boys apparently met her approval as shortly after they left she called and left a message for Mom saying how wonderful they were, etc. She has also requested that Jonathan mail her pictures of the piano in its new home. In her words, it was like sending her baby off to college.

The boys got it safely home and then moved it up the porch and into the house... and then decided that they still had enough strength and energy to go and play a few hours of football and basketball at a church gathering that evening!

As you might imagine, we are excitedly looking forward to having the instrument tuned. Ahhh!


Anonymous said...

Hi all!

We just finished showing the relatives down here in Florida the pictures you posted on our blog.

What fun to see the new piano! And it's good to see that it does fit in our living room! Congratulations Jonathan! God is good!

...and what a great picture you posted of Grandpa Muligano. We all enjoyed seeing that, although it did evoke quite a few tears here.

Thanks so much! We miss you all and can't wait to see you all on Wednesday.

Love you!
Dad & Mom

Ryan Kelly said...

YAY! How exciting to get a new piano! It looks pretty. I can't wait to hear how it sounds (once tuned, of course!!!).

And, Jonathan, I'm looking forward to hearing you play. I don't think I've heard you play recently, but hear lots of good things about your playing!

The Serven Clan said...

What a blessing! Our piano is preparing to make a longer treck in just a few weeks--our move date got "moved" up by a week and a half. So, we will say goodbye to CA June 6/7th.

Erber Correspondent said...

Hi Dad & Mom! :-) Good to have you back home again!

Ryan - you do need to hear Jonathan play sometime... and the piano was just tuned during the last hour so - although it will likely need it again soon since it's been so long - we can now enjoy the piano!

Servens - It was an incredible blessing! Jonathan's teacher has been strongly encouraging him to get a new piano for a long time. So when Jonathan had to call and cancel his piano lesson because of the timing of picking up the new piano, she was not displeased!

Erber Correspondent said...

I can't wait to get home and play it now that it's tuned!! Have fun playing it!

See you tomorrow,


Erber Correspondent said...

You're really going to enjoy it, Jonathan!!

Hope all is going well in Michigan! See ya soon!


Kim Kelly said...

Ahhhh, a newly tuned piano....something we truly enjoy. We get ours tuned this coming Wednesday, after neglecting to do it for too long and having to put up with a horrible sounding B flat as a constant reminder of my negligence!

Enjoy the beautiful music!

Mrs. K