Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the week before Christmas...

On Friday night we had the VonHolten family over just for fun. This seemingly innocent little guy produced quite a number of laughs that evening! :-) A cup of Christmas cheer to anyone who knows what he is called (and can pronounce it correctly!) without looking it up! Thanks, VonHoltens!

On Sunday we had our Church's Christmas celebration. Pictured above are Caesar and a couple of young shepherds... we didn't really take many pictures that day, but thankfully others did! It was a wonderful afternoon of feasting (ohhh, was there food!!), music, worship and celebration as we rejoiced together in the wonderful gift of the Son of God.

Jonathan directed our string ensemble as they performed the Pastoral Symphony from Handel's Messiah, as well as a few carols.

Anna and Raeanne played together again... it was lovely, ladies! I'm so glad we have a harp in this church, Raeanne!

And from Dawn's Camera (operated that day by Elizabeth) came a picture of Anna and I playing a "just for fun" piano duet of Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride!

Elizabeth also got some cute pictures from the rehearsal for this event! :-)

I love Winston's expression in this one! Love you little buddy!

Ah, and then came Monday and our annual trip to downtown Chicago for the Do-It-Yourself Messiah! Again, we took almost no pictures, (do you sense that our family has a problem with this part of things?). But thankfully others did take pictures! Check out Dawn's and Wendy's. As always, we could go on and on with our delight in the music, the message and the opportunity to sing it with 3000 others in downtown Chicago, but we will spare you! We are so grateful for the gifts and inspiration that God gave to G.F. Handel and so grateful that even an unbelieving public will sing and sponsor the performance of this masterpiece! Praise the Lord!

As we don't have opportunity regularly to wear the lovely dresses we had for Josh & Abbey's wedding, we three bridesmaids decided the Messiah at the Opera House was the time and place to do it!

After the Messiah, nearly 20 people spent the night at our house - this picture was taken after a few of our guests had left. Thanks for coming up and braving the cold and snow! We're so glad you were able to join us!

Ahh... and there is no need to dream - we are truly experiencing a very white Christmas this year! Merry Christmas to all!


Simply Tiffany said...

Thanks so much for hosting us! We had a lovely time and are so glad we were able to go!

Justin Kelly said...

I'm guessing it's a matryoshka doll?

Erber Correspondent said...

Thanks for coming, Tiffany! And please, come back any time!

Justin, yes it is... only the word "matryoshka" came up while playing "Wise and Otherwise" and as it was mispronounced and misdefined, well we needed an illustration to help get us back on track. :-)

Faith said...

Thank you for having us! We really enjoyed the Messiah and the time spent with you all!