Thursday, December 04, 2008

Caroline is 4!

Sunday, November 30, was Caroline Joy's fourth birthday! Our little dear is getting SO big! She spent the weekend at "Nana's House" in Ohio, and was driving home on her birthday, so on Tuesday they came over here for dinner and cake!

William also enjoyed the cake. He's been doing well learning his table manners, but I think maybe he needs to consider his bite size next... :-)

After dinner, Caroline showed us her newly developed skill of reading/writing simple words - such as cat, hat, and Dad. Yes, she certainly is growing up!


Meaghan said...

Happy Birthday Caroline. I hope you had a great day.

What kind of cake is that?

Erber Correspondent said...

Meaghan, it is Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip Cake - only instead of two layers, with a butterscotch filling and chocolate icing, we did a single layer with a whipped chocolate frosting. Yummy! :)


The Webbs said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline!

Tara Janelle said...

Happy birthday, Caroline! WOW! I can't believe she is writing already...I still remember when she was born... time flies!