Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Our family loves the Thanksgiving holiday! We dearly love the history behind it, (and we love to tell that story again during our dinner each year), we love the traditions that come with it, we love to decorate for it, we love the season during which we celebrate it, and we love the purpose of it - we love to recount the blessings God has poured upon us, and truly we have many such blessings to recount and for which to give thanks!

This Thanksgiving we had a delightful day with family and friends. There were only 18 of us in all around the table that day - not as crowded as some years, but still a pleasant gathering. There was plenty of yummy food, though the numbers of leftovers shrunk considerable as they continued to be consumed throughout the course of the afternoon and evening. We also managed to almost completely finish all the pie, too. (I believe by the end of the night there were only two pieces of pumpkin pie remaining - and they were enjoyed for breakfast the next morning by a couple of people who shall remain nameless.)

After dinner most of the rest of the day/evening was made up of music, games and, of course, conversation, until nearly midnight when we bid the last guests adieu and, after putting the few remaining food items away, finally called it a night!

Of course, in the days following Thanksgiving turkey soup makes a wonderful meal and we ate quite a bit of it! And we love our latest find of mashed potato dumplings...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Nathan & Jeanine DeLadurantey said...

Ah, that dreaded "he who shall remain nameless"....lol