Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reformation Day Faire

On Saturday, our family drove down to Providence Church's Reformation Day Faire. Somehow we managed to come home with almost no pictures. So, you will have to be content to look elsewhere for those if you are interested. Perhaps Here or Here or Here would be a place to get started. The pictures here were nearly all taken by those photographers... It's so nice to have friends who are trigger-happy with their cameras! :-)

Their theme for Reformation Day this year was the Scottish Reformation, so shortly after we arrived and costumed ourselves (several hours sitting in the car completely costumed didn't sound super-comfortable) we headed out through the town square to the field - first up were the Boffer wars, and then, after lunch, other "Highland Games".

It was fun to see the numbers of people dressed in costume for the day. Why does dressing up make things so fun and festive? Somehow it just wouldn't have been the same event if everyone arrived dressed in 'normal' clothing. :-)

We also joined in singing the psalms, listened to a lecture by Pastor McDonald, and at the last minute, I, Jessica, was coerced into joining the cast for a small skit... coerced as in "Would you be willing to" and "Sure". Done. :-) So I stood on stage solemly behind Mary, Queen of Scots as one of her waiting maids, and then followed her off stage. Entirely unrehearsed I think we did a fabulous job.

Much of the time, for our family at least, was spent in conversation. Catching up with friends from Missouri, Iowa, and elsewhere. After dinner, they held a historical dance, which some of us participated in and some of us observed. Thank you, McDonalds & Providence Church, for all your work in organizing and hosting this event. We look forward to participating again next year!


Simply Tiffany said...

Ahhh...lovely post, Jess! It was so nice to see more of y'all this year! :) And the skit was very well done!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

I'm SO very glad that y'all were able to attend and that y'all enjoyed yourselves!!! It was marvelous to see your family again!!

And thank you SO much for participating in the skit with me! Y'all were extraordinary attendants! Thank you!! :-)

Hope to see y'all again soon!! God bless!