Friday, October 10, 2008

Guests, friends, and happenings

Believe or not, we actually have been alive and busy in the weeks since our church's 10th anniversary celebration! In fact, we really haven't slowed down a whole lot. During the week, business is mainly school for those still formally studying, and work and ministry for the rest of everyone. But our weekends have been eventful!

At the end of the 10th anniversary weekend, we were delighted to host some new friends from Canada. We had met the Adams family on their way to California earlier this year, and now as they were headed back to Quebec, their route brought them through our town again! The Adams are members of CVP (our sister church that we visited some weeks ago), but have been serving as missionaries in Canada for the last several years. They were able to spend Sunday and part of Monday with us, and the hours of sharing and discussion were greatly encouraging to our family.

The following weekend, was a baby shower! No, it wasn't for Abbey... yet... it was for Abbey's mom and family who have been waiting and waiting for their baby daughter from China for some years. We are hoping to finally meet Miss Olivia within the next six weeks!

No, Sara and I didn't intentionally wear nearly identical outfits, but as we won one of the games paired up together, maybe it helped... or maybe it just showed that we think alike!

Then last weekend was a conference for church leaders that was held in our area. It was a pleasure to visit again with the Brown family from North Carolina during the weekend as it's been a year since we've seen most of them and it was wonderful to catch up a little again!

Dad gave one of the sessions during the conference, and we helped coordinate the afternoon tea for the leaders wives, and we hosted the McDonald family who drove the few hours that separate our homes and churches to attend and so were kept well occupied throughout the weekend. However, I didn't get any pictures from the weekend, and they haven't posted any of the ones that they took, so you'll just have to trust me that the were actually here! It was wonderful to have you in our home again, McDonalds! We're looking forward to returning your visit during the Reformation Day Faire!


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you sooo much for hosting us!! We had such a delightful time at y'all's home!!!
And we can't wait to see y'all for Reformation Day!! :-)

God bless!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Amber D.M. said...

Fun pictures.

Did you make your skirt in the last photo, Jess? It's really cute. (If so, could you post the pattern name and number?! Thanks.)

Erber Correspondent said...

Amber, yes, the skirt was made here... but by Joanna, not by me! :-) It is an altered version of Simplicity 5914 (it is skirt F - the shorter non-flared one).

I think we adjusted the length a little bit, and instead of being a six panel skirt with a zipper on the side, we made it a five panel skirt with zipper in the back... not sure exactly why, but that's what worked!

Sara's skirt is the same pattern (slightly different material). In fact, Joanna made several skirts from that pattern for us. Cute, comfortable and EASY!! :-)