Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Days

Well, we've had a busy week. Perhaps crazy or at least odd would be better terms, but busy works. To sum it up quickly let's just say that yesterday was the first day in over a week that in the morning our whole family was here and just our family was here. Of course, some of those that were here on the other days were family, but not legal residence at this address. :-) It was mostly busy work hours for the Erber men, meaning ladies and children were often here - which is our favorite way to spend a day, or a week! We've also been touched by a flu bug in various branches of the family, so we've covered for each other there as well.

William, enjoying grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Don't know why that combo is so good, but it sure is - especially on a sunny autumn day.

Miss Grace keeps busy pretending to be laid-back and merely a quiet observer to life, but every so often she reveals some tricks she's learned in the past five and a half months! We love that baby darling!

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Fun, fun, fun!

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Rhonda Devine said...

Leaves is right!! We have tons~spent all our fall break days raking leaves and now we have a "leaf drift" across the street~Happy Fall:)