Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We're okay!

Friends - apparently the storms in our little hometown last night have made national news this morning. Thanks to the many of you who have called or emailed to check in on us! We're okay!

Unlike some other natural disasters, tornadoes either hit you or they don't. In this case, we are just a couple of miles from the nearest damage, but didn't sustain any damage ourselves - not even a branch down from any of our trees. We just got very heavy rain, and lost power for about 10 minutes. Others are not so well off, and - though we haven't gone out and seen much of it personally, yet - the pictures we have seen of some of the damage are quite incredible. Several homes were completely destroyed and a nearby orchard that used to look like this now looks like this. Oh, and this interesting picture was taken in town.

We're really just beyond the north end of "tornado alley" and almost never have any sort of tornado threat - and in January it is especially unheard of. But, we also soared 8 degrees above our record high for the day with temperatures in the mid-60's. So I guess it was in all a very unseasonable day! But we're all just fine, and there is snow in the forecast for tonight, so I guess winter is coming back.

I have a couple of posts started to wrap up our December events (New Years Eve, etc.), but I've been having some computer/internet/Blogger issues. Hopefully they'll be up here soon!

In the meantime, have a great day!

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Kim said...

No damage is good news! I had been praying for you all when I heard of the weather. Tornadoes in January is just not the norm, you are correct. It's weird here, too. We had a deep freeze one night and 3 days later we hit 80 degrees. No one knows what to wear! We are supposed to hit 76 again today.

Enjoy winter's return, and we'll be looking forward to your updates as soon as technology cooperates!