Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Year's Eve Fun

New Year's Eve - Thanks to some last minute planning and some flexible friends, we had a lot of fun during the last few hours of 2007 and first few of 2008.
This snow storm kept a few from attending our little shindig, but most made it! I can't describe all the games we played and the fun we had, but here are a few pictures that might give an idea... though, probably not!

After some games, relays and snacking (yummmm!), we did try our hand (or feet, I suppose) at a few dances, which were a lot of fun. You can see video of that over on Dawn's blog.

Significant. Do I hear a dog barking??

Humpty Dumpty.

Also significant... (Yes, we know there are few typos on the names.)

Lined up for relays - to test your coordination.

Say that again?

Just sittin' and chattin'

Can you do the bottle (aka punch-cup) dance?

Other fun - cards, ping-pong, etc.

After ringing in the new year, we had a time of prayer and hymn singing. Then some sat around and talked, others tried a new dance, others went back for more food! :-) We partied for a couple more hours before we started to clean up and head back out into the snow for the drive home. I had a few other pics to post here - maybe I'll be able to add them later! But it was a very fun evening with lots of variety and some great people to share it with. And, while certainly not rushing it, we look forward to next January 1, and remembering and rejoicing in all God does in 2008!

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~Dawn~ said...

Great post on the new year's eve fun! All of us had such a good time ... we are SO thankful to all who were involved in making the New Year's Eve 'shindig' possible :)