Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Browns Visit

One of the greatest blessings God has given us is the friendship of families who share a passion for truth, for Christ, His church, and the furtherance of the kingdom work of our Lord. Even when we are apart, there is great encouragement from knowing that there are others across the country working towards these same goals. But every so often we have the blessed opportunity to actually sit down with nothing else on the schedule and just visit, talk, pray, and sing, with these distant co-laborers. Last week we enjoyed one such opportunity - albeit a brief one!

Following the conference in St. Louis, on October 8 the Brown family of North Carolina drove up to spend all day Monday with us before heading home. In that one short day we managed to get in a long morning visit (around breakfast, and then moving to the living room where we spent some time in the Scriptures discussing the blossoming of Aaron's Rod), and then head out to the apple orchard for the seasonal delight of fresh apple cider donuts, sampling fudge, apples, dips...(unfortunately, it was Columbus Day so the place was pretty crowded, but we still had fun). From there a quick stop at Jeremy & Sara's was followed by our return home and dinner preparations - where we were joined by Jeremy & Sara, Nathan & Jeanine, and the Strand family for the rest of the evening. Of course, the time flew all too quickly and in the wee hours of Tuesday morning the Browns loaded up and headed home. Eagerly we look forward to "next time" and the continued encouragement, sanctification, and fun to be had in such company! Thanks for stopping in, Browns!

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