Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NCFIC 2006

Before we have any larger backlog than we do, we thought we'd better get a couple of "outdated updates" online. First up, is the NCFIC conference that was held in St. Louis on October 5-7. On Wednesday, Oct. 4, Dad, Jessica, Joshua, and Joseph drove down to the St. Louis area to the home of the Serven Clan, which was to be our home base for the weekend.

The conference itself was excellent. The speakers were gracious in their presentations, yet articulate and fully convicted of their positions. May God continue to work in the lives of the attendees and strengthen His church through them.

While Dad attended the conference, Josh, Jessica and Joseph were there to record the event. Peter Serven was also in the employ of Resounding Voice that weekend, and we managed to stay busy behind the booth duplicating the numerous sessions, printing and casing the CD's, putting sets together, taking orders... and more or less having fun!

Saturday night we loaded up Josh's trailer, said our goodbye's and headed for home. We are very grateful that Josh managed to stay awake for the whole drive home - as none of the rest of us did.

Thanks to Vision Forum for hosting yet another God-honoring kingdom-building event. And many thanks to the Servens for the fellowship, food, fun, shelter, and chauffering they shared with us through the weekend!


Ruth said...

It is possible to get copies of the recorded sessions? How do we go about doing that?

Erber Correspondent said...


Joshua is now at the VF Film Academy and Film Festival recording those sessions. When he gets back (October 24) he should be able to tell you how to get copies of the recorded sessions for the church conference. BTW, his email address is Joshua@resoundingvoice.com. If you email him directly he may be able to respond to you sooner.


The Serven Clan said...

Hello Erbers,

It was a joy (as always) to have you in our home! Thanks for being our company for the week-end. Next time you will have to bring the whole crew. :)

The Serven Clan