Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well, we have two other posts regarding events of the past week waiting to be finished and posted, but this breaking news can't wait! This morning after a beautiful frosty autumn sunrise, the clouds rolled in and we are currently enjoying our first snow of the season! It's rather earlier than usual, and considerably heavier than typical "first snow flurries," and we're loving it! Josiah made two snowballs and threw them at our newly cleaned windows, but hey, they were the first of the year!

We tried to get some pictures, but it's hard to get good ones of snow falling, but here are a couple!


miss kathryn grace said...

We got snow too! About as much as you did, though we didn't try to make snowballs. :-) I think you did a good job on the pictures...I didn't get any of the snow actually falling. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! :-)

The VHS said...


Mom and I got stuck in almost a White out when we were doing the Paper Route around 7:00 am.
WE couldn't believe we were getting snow THIS EARLY! ;0)

I agree with Kathryn the Pictures are GREAT and it looks like you got a lot more than us toooo! :)



The Horn Family said...

Rejoicing with you all in your first snow of the season . . . and attempting to keep myself from turning green with envy. :)

No, seriously it was such a delight to see pictures of snow although a bit hard to fathom the fact that it actually snowed in the U.S. this week! Don't worry, it's still plenty warm here in Texas.


lauren :0 said...

We din't get that much.

Ruth said...

We got snow too! Wasn't it great?!! Susan and I put on Christmas music to usher in the white stuff.

Jerry called me from work to celebrate the first snow, so I called Jeremiah at work to do the same. He said, "I know, I'm out in it". They were putting in a skylight. He came home half frozen. I noticed he was wearing a few extra layers when he left this morning.

The snow was delightful and we enjoyed every minute of it (from the warm snugness of our living room). Of course it melted all too soon as temperatures here never went below the freezing mark.

Your pictures are wonderful! We didn't even think to take pictures.

Erber Correspondent said...

Well, I really don't think winter is here to stay this early - so don't worry, Anna! :-)

Cara - I'm trying to remember that Texas is still warm as I pack for next week. See you soon!

Mrs. M - We got down in to the 20's out here, so the city and lake must still be keeping you all warm! :-)

Kawell Writer said...

We haven't even dipped below freezing yet, but we are trying our hardest not to be jealous! Throw a snowball for us!
The Kawells

Justin Kelly said...

Below freezing? Here in Houston, we're celebrating today that got down in the 70s!

Short-lived, though, as next week it is supposed to hit 90 again. :(