Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update on Our Week

It's Saturday. The week is almost over, and it has been a very full week. Our days have been full, and our hearts have been full.

On Sunday, a young man we've known (and worked alongside of) over the last few years was killed in a car accident. Others, who knew him better, can and have written much on Michael and his 19 years of well-lived life. The news of Michael's death cast a shadow of sorrow and sobriety over our entire week. The shock, bewilderment and sorrow are very definitely present, yet we rejoice in knowing that he is with the Lord he loves, and we thank God for the peace of knowing that all things are in the hands of the Almighty, and that somehow even this horrible event will bring glory to the name of our God.

The rest of the week, though subdued, held much of the normal busyness of school work, church responsibilities, music lessons, etc. It also, however, included the baking of 120 dozen cookies for the 2007 Faith and Freedom Tour on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday, a couple of us drove down to southern Missouri to be with the family and friends gathered for Michael's funeral. Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?

Today, our day began with lots to get done on this our first Saturday in quite a while that we are all home and available - and the last Saturday before winter that we will all be at home and available to get the house and land ready for the coming cold. That to-do list included cutting down a number of dead trees, and splitting the wood to heat the home over the next months. Inside, us ladies planned to make a bunch of pumpkin doughnuts for us to enjoy and to share with neighbors and friends.

However, our plans were interrupted when a car crashed in front of our neighbor's house. Our guys were among the first on the scene (along with a few other neighbors) and found that one of the two young men had been killed instantly, and the other died soon afterwards. Before the second passed, Dad had an opportunity to pray with him and instruct him to call to Jesus for help. Both were 16 years old, friends of our new neighbors. How quickly life can be snuffed out. One day each and every one of us must leave this world. May we all be ready before it is our day.

Outside, the wood pile is growing, and from the kitchen the smell of cider-glazed pumpkin doughnuts wafts through the house. But our conversation is quiet, our hearts heavy, and our focus being fastened again on our hope and confidence in the grace and wisdom of our ever-loving Father.


Rhonda Devine said...

Our hearts were saddened along with you and Michael's family. We, too, were shocked and enjoyed meeting his family at the Jamestown celebration. Death would be so "stinging" were it not for the power of the resurrection and knowing God is in control of all things.
Death, in the life of the living, has such a way of sobering us and helping us see what is really eternal--it is better to go to the house of mourning the Word says as it draws us close to the Giver of Life and helps us realize the brevity of life and how soon we will stand in the presence of the Lord. Life is but a vapor--Lord, help us use every minute in a way that would please you.
The Devine's

anika said...

Dear friends,
we are so grieved to hear of your heavy hearts, and the many difficult deaths that have been on your path these weeks. We miss you, and will be lifting you up in prayer in regards to these matters. you are loved!
<>< anika for the cornforths

Christian Homemaker said...

Dear Erber Family,

Your blog has been such an encouragment to ours; thank you for sharing it. We have been praying for the Billings family and their friends, who will be missing their loved one, Michael. We have never met him, or his family, but what an impact his life has had on us!
We are friends of the Bradricks and Krista and I (Cynthia) met Jessica and Maggie at the tea in Olympia. We were so encouraged and grateful that you made the trip. Thank you.
If you ever decide to make your blog private, we would love to be invited to enter. We used be encouraged by the Serven blog and aren't able to enter it any longer. What a wonderful family!

Thank you again,
The Van Cleve Family

Erber Correspondent said...

Hello Mrs. Van Cleve,

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging us with your comment. In our blogger profile is a link to our email address. If you send us your email address I can let you know how to contact the Serven's to request access to their blog.