Thursday, September 15, 2005


Even a casual glance at this blog reveals that our family has been blessed with many friendships with people across the country. Relationships, however, bring with them responsibilities. The last couple of days have occupied us with fulfilling some of those duties.

Due to the relationships we have with a number of good people in San Antonio, Texas who are associated with Vision Forum, our family has been asked annually to assist with the Vision Forum Faith & Freedom Tour. It is both our duty and delight to prepare and serve brown bag lunches to the 160 or so tour attendees throughout the week of the tour. Of course, what is a good lunch without a couple of homemade cookies?

So, yesterday and today have witnessed two very successful days cookie baking. In just ten total hours, we have finished baking all the Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter/White Chocolate Chip, and Hobo cookies, and have averaged a speed of over 201 CPH! That mulitiplies out to over 168 dozen cookies. And, of course, that doesn't count the cookies that just happened to break, or the batch that just didn't turn out quite right...

What I'd really love to have right now is a Sucrometer for our kitchen, because I'm quite sure that inhaling just one breathful of the air in our home this evening would prove to be fatal to a diabetic. Quite frankly, no one here is interested in eating any cookies this evening.

One final note - we are all very grateful for the providential timing of a major storm that came through our area Tuesday evening. Although many friends were majorly inconvenienced by it (due to lengthy power outages, tree damage, etc.) we are delighting in the change of weather that it ushered in. To say it plainly, daytime temperatures were unseasonably warm before the storm, reaching into the mid-90's. Today, we didn't make it up to 70 degrees! Perfect weather, when one is running the ovens all day!

Getting ready!

Cookie dough, anyone?

"Mashing" the peanut butter cookies.

The vital question: Are they done?

And the final step, bagging the cooled cookies!


RMS said...

We are looking forward to those cookies, and (more importantly) good fellowship, Lord willing, in just a few short weeks!

~ The Short Family in TX

Erber Correspondent said...

It will be good to have time to visit with you all again this year! See you soon!

The VHS said...

We know what it is like, to make all those cookies.

2saints said...

That is incredible! And it looks oh, so yummy.

How do you all get them there without breaking them? :oD

Erber Correspondent said...

Well, some do break en route, though really not that many. We use the broken ones and extras to bribe, um, or rather, to thank those who help us with the food prep, or whoever just happens to be around when we find a broken one. Or if it happens that we are hungry at the time... well, okay, so we eat the broken ones, too! They really come in handy! :-)


Miss Grimes said...

they look so yummy, and oh so many! lol. I love cookies!

Justin Kelly said...

Yummy, Yummy, mmmmmm, mmmmmm