Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cherry Hill, NJ

Greetings from New Jersey! The last few days we enjoyed the Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership conference at the Sandy Cove Conference Center near Baltimore, MD. We spent many hours in sessions discussing many issues that homeschool leaders find very practical: conference speakers, conference problems, board structure, charter schools, websites and technology, support group networking, convention planning, publications, and town hall meetings that covered a variety of philosophical issues... then, of course, there were the fun evening sessions full of skits, special music, "state spotlights" and more. Not to be forgotten are the times of prayer and singing, the devotional times, the meal time conversations, and the individual relationships that, despite our differences, are built by a common vision, similar experiences, and unique challenges faced as we walk the road of leadership together. Thanks so much to the ACHEL board for their work to annually arrange and host this conference.

Now, for the next few days, we are at the HSLDA national leadership conference in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. As Dad and Mom are the only ones of us attending the conference, the Erber kiddos will be "hanging out," catching up on lost sleep, doing laundry, and also taking care of some last minute shopping and preparation for next week's Faith & Freedom Tour.


The Huber Family said...

How exciting! We just hope you are not too exhausted when you get here at the end of October. It looks like "crash time" for you will be
Jan 1. Have a great tour. We will pray for strength for you to do your responsibilities. Thanks for keeping us posted. : )

RMS said...

Ah, its great to hear from y'all. Get lots of sleep before next Monday! We are flying out this afternoon and look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia. :-)
The Short Family

Erber Correspondent said...

Hubies - I'm not sure that it is possible for us to be too exhausted for a visit with you all!!

Shorts - See you soon!

The VHS said...

Hope that you have a great time
"hanging out" and learn alot on the tour that you can share with us when you get back.:)
Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.
The Von Holtens