Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mississippi Update 2

Here are the long-awaited pictures from Josh and Nathan's trip to the disaster area in Gulfport, Mississippi. They arrived home, totally exhausted, late Friday night. Altogether they were gone about 57 hours, and slept in the very bouncy and not-made-for-comfort truck cab for maybe 7 of those hours.

They brought back about 30 minutes of video footage from their trip. Unfortunately, we haven't had time to edit it down and get it posted here - maybe later! In the meantime here are just a few photos:

As mentioned in the previous post, after unloading their load of supplies, they headed over to the local regional airport to pick up some more goods that had been flown down for the church we were working with.

Although originally believed to be Air Force One, the plane they were working next to was in actuality only Air Force Two (the plane facing the camera).

In a "lesser damaged" area - there is actually debris!

The next three pictures were taken along US Highway 90 - a few weeks ago it would have been a 4-lane divided highway with frontage roads, bordered by homes, apartments, restaurants, hotels, etc. You can see some empty slabs where buildings used to stand, but even the debris has been washed away - or was blown further inland. Notice, too, how the trees that remain have been stripped of all their foliage. Josh and Nathan could give you a much better report, but Josh is already on the road again, this time with Jonathan. Their destination is the NCFIC conference in Houston!

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