Friday, November 16, 2007

Autumn Joys

There have been so many joys this autumn.

First and foremost has been the September birth of
Nathan & Jeanine's third child, Camille Idelette.

Isn't she beautiful! She's also so very sweet natured.

...and then, there are "the four". . . !
Life is always hopping when they are around!! :-)

A couple of weeks ago we had a celebration at our house. There were games, all the chili you could eat, singing around the campfire, birthday cake and more desserts than you can possibly eat!
Here's a glimpse at some of the fun we had...
(thanks Yens, for sharing your pictures with us!)

Above is Joanna with little Maggie.

Spectators! What could they be watching??

It's Joshua and Stuart! Yes, they're jumping rope for the obstacle course!

And so is Jonathan! What grace!

One more time around guys... don't fall over!
(Joe & Dustin)

Time for some birthday cake(s).
Blowing out the candles are Dustin Webb, Joshua Erber, and Solomon Hirst!

Autumn would just not be autumn without friends sitting around the campfire...

Time for the campfire and . . .


...Hey! Did you see all those stars??

Keeping warm by the campfire.

And here's a couple that really enjoys campfires!

You never know what'll happen around a campfire, right Abbey?? ;-)

Thank God for autumn!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. The kids enjoyed the Reformation Polka so much that we found the words on the computer, printed them off, and started singing. The Geaschels will be ready for the Polka next year :o)

Love, Christie (for the family)

Anonymous said...

Camille is absolutely gorgeous!