Saturday, June 17, 2006

A couple weeks in the life of us

While we certainly could be spending all our time oogling over our new little grandson/nephew, the fact is that there are other things going on around here as well. As I (Jessica) am back in town again, I find myself once again in the position of family chronicler and blog updater. So here we go!

My time in Alabama was absolutely wonderful! It was very special to spend that many weeks with my sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephew. All four of them conspired to keep me busy and entertained during my 10 week stay in the south, so I have come home enriched with more memories, experiences and friends.

The last week of my stay was definitely the craziest, which is why I stayed for it. Late nights, early mornings and busy days! For the last several days we had 11-13 people staying at the apartment each night - with more at most meals. Very memorable.

Six of the guests were Josh and his crew who had driven down after a conference in New York to help out for the last few days of Justice Parker's campaign, and bring me back home. Finally on Wednesday night, June 7, we said most of our goodbyes and stayed up late once more just for fun. Thursday morning we packed up, said our final goodbyes, squished us and all our stuff into Josh's suburban (the guys gave me the front seat so they felt most of the squish), and hit the road. Jonathan chronicled those last few days pretty well, so look here for pics and commentary!

While on the road we got a phone call about the very exciting happenings in Illinois which increased our desire to get home quickly. After a short stop in Ohio (complicated only slightly by me getting us lost while I gave Josh a break from driving) - we arrived home around 2:00am on Friday!

Friday was busy enough with us setting up for the special event that evening and taking a quick visit to see William.

Dr. Trifkovic's presentation on 1500 years of Balkan history that evening was both fascinating and overwhelming!! Granted, the late nights and long hours of the proceeding week didn't work to my advantage that evening, but I am looking forward to sitting down and listening to the recording of the lecture with a stack of encyclopedias, a dictionary, more maps, and a notebook, and gaining a better grasp on eastern European history.

This week has been much more laid back:

Monday was spent unpacking and shopping ... and selling kittens.

Tuesday was spent painting, teaching, and prepping the kitchen.

Wednesday & Thursday were spent baking 150+ dozen cookies (same reason that we did so last year) and teaching piano lessons. I'm really not sure what everyone else did those days! Oh, Jonathan took (and scored well on) the entrance exam at Rock Valley College where he'll be taking some classes this fall.

On Friday, we had friends who are missionaries to the Ivory Coast here during the day. It was good to catch up with them again and hear first hand of their work and adventures (such as experiencing an emergency evacuation from the Ivory Coast to Mali due to the unrest there) and enjoyed catching up with them and sharing music together! In the evening we ran over to visit with Jeremy, Sara, Caroline & William.

Today we're doing more baking, having a family over for dinner, preparing for tomorrow's get-together with Grandpa & Grandma Erber, Aunt Jill & Uncle Don, and doing some general house cleaning - and a little more painting.

Looking ahead we eagerly anticipate the arrival of certain special people who will be returning home to the midwest this coming week!

While the rest of us were down in Alabama, Dad, Mom, Joanna, and Josiah brought our chickens in to be butchered! We now have a bunch of tasty roasters in our freezer...

Corrine is excited to be moving back to Wisconsin!

Winston doesn't seem to care where he lives - as long as he's with Mama!

Mom, Joseph, and Josiah cleaning up the yard.

One of our four kittens that now have a new home.

One of about 2,000 cookies that we baked this week!

More fun in the kitchen! (Joanna, Josiah, Joseph)

A visit with "big sister" Caroline Joy.

Enjoying a family visit getting to know someone very special...

... William Henry Erber


Cornforths said...

What a lovely family you have. What a delightful update about the many goings on in your home!
To the fathers of the Erber clan, Happy Fathers day!
The Lord has blessed you.
<>< the cornforths

Justin Kelly said...

Corrine needs to make sure she takes a "spinny" chair with her when she moves! :)

Erber Correspondent said...


Shelley Baldridge said...

Hi Jessica, this is Shelley Baldridge, if the last name sounds familair, we knew your family from Trail Ridge Camp. The Stockdale family told us you were on blogger so I thought I'd stop by. It's been great to catch up with what you all are up to. It looks like you have a wounderful, growing family - complete with adorable nieces/nephews. :) Blessings!

Erber Correspondent said...

Wow! Thanks for including the Trail Ridge connection... it's been a few years, but your name was familiar! Yes, I guess our family has changed and grown a bit since 1998. Hope you all are doing well!