Friday, June 23, 2006

A New Deck

This weekend we are enjoying visits from Jeremy, Sara, Caroline, and William. Well, it's only been one visit so far, but we expect them (or some of them) again today and tomorrow.

Jeremy is spending this weekend building a deck out back for us. Since we moved in (in 1998) we've had a 3-foot step out the back door. Finally we are getting around to remedying that and the deck is going in. As all our other guys are in Ohio at the CHEO convention, Jeremy's assistant and student for this project is Josiah. They spent almost all day out there together - except for coming inside to cool off a few times! Today promises to be cooler (it's in the 50's now!!!) so they should have much better working conditions today.

While the guys worked, Caroline managed to keep the rest of us smiling all day!

And she helped out in the kitchen as we finished up food prep for the upcoming Faith & Freedom Tour.


anna said...

How EXCITING! I can't wait to see what your deck will look like; it will be Beautiful I'm sure! ;0)
Looks like y'all had fun with Caroline; she looks like a good helper. :)

Kawell Writer said...

50 degrees!!!!!!!!!! We made our deck in 95 degrees!! But if I know your builders, your deck will look nicer!


The Serven Clan said...

Wow. 50 degrees is almost sweatshirt weather. We have been quite warm in St. Louis--working in the garden has to happen before 10AM on most days. Today though was a wonderful exception. The little kids and I were all able to work all morning with a cool breeze and light rain. What a blessing! (We were all talking about how different it is in IL as compared to MO) : )