Saturday, April 29, 2006

On the homefront

The boys are switching bedrooms!
So it will now be Josh and Joseph in one room,
and Jonathan and Josiah in the other bedroom.

Spring is also building season.
Here's what's going on across the street from us.

Lilacs are just starting to bloom! Yeah!

Our chickens are getting big and ugly. Yumm!

Dad's mowing the grass for the first time (this year).

Our cat "Mammi" had four kittens five days ago !
Anyone want a kitten??? Buy one, get three free!!!! :-)


Nathan & Jeanine DeLadurantey said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. :-) It is nice to "see" what is going on in Harvard. It looks like quite the house going up across the street.

Miss Grimes said...

Very cute picture of the cat and kittens. I only wish that I could have one. But being so far away (NY), I can't!

Miss Grimes

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree that your chickens are VERY ugly!!
BTW: What does yumm mean?? I say yuck:)