Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday

Our host and hostess, Uncle Don and Aunt Jill.

Dad thinking.

Easter Dinner

So sweet!

Caroline pushing a duck with rubber flippers that Grandpa made.

The J. Erber family


Jessica said...

Thanks for posting the pictures!!! I love the one of Josiah & Caroline! Wish we could have been there... Miss you all!

Nathan & Jeanine DeLadurantey said...

We missed being with you all for Easter lunch. I like the "J. Erber" family picture. I think you need to make that a traditional family picture - sure is fun to see the changes from last year!


Sherrin said...

Hi Erbers,

I thought I'd confess myself a "lurker" at your blog! I am friends with a friend of Sara's - Bethany Bewsher. When I was visiting the USA from Australia in June 2003 Bethany was preparing to go to the celebration of Sara and Jeremy's marriage in Ohio. Bethany told me so much about them, how they'd got together, etc., that I remembered them. She also forwarded pictures to me when Caroline was born.

I think I found your blog through a link on Doug Phillips' blog - and have been visiting sometimes ever since. I have enjoyed your describiptions of Vision Forum events, especially the Faith and Freedom tour you described.