Saturday, April 08, 2006

Father Daughter Retreat

I thought you would like to see some pictures from Vision Forum Ministries' Father and Daughter retreat that we went to!

Callaway gardens

The azalea trail

After the tea
A picnic on the lawn
Father Daughter games

The villa we stayed in

Butterflies in a huge glass enclosed conservatory


Ryan Kelly said...

I would like to see a picture of JOSHUA at the "father-daughter" retreat... ROFL

Anonymous said...

Actually, Josh is in the picture of the "Father Daughter Games." He's the guy in khaki's and a blue shirt leading one of the groups in the games.

Anonymous said...

Any pictures of "Dad" singing to Joanna? We really need a replay of that for the folks at home who missed it :)

The Ortegas

Anonymous said...

Callaway Gardens is beautiful--Herb took me there after my mother died and it was such a relaxing, uplifting time for me. I would love to visit again! Rhonda Devine