Friday, December 23, 2005

The Serven's Stay

This week we had the pleasure of hosting the Serven family from the St. Louis area. Just this summer they moved to Missouri from their native state of California, thus we had the additional pleasure of introducing them to *real* winter weather. (Like the below zero weather we enjoyed the night they arrived.) But that aside, it was enjoyable to share several days (and late nights) with like minded friends.

There is just no place to talk like around the dining room table. Family histories were shared, theology, philosphy, education, demographics, churches, employment, our lives and daily schedules, holidays, traditions, common controversies, advice, encouragement, and more, all somehow found their way into our mealtime discussions!

During some of those lengthy discussions the younger set found their way into the other room or to the great outdoors and seemed to have a wonderful time together!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed the 2005 annual Do-It-Yourself Messiah, and that night we brought home several additional guests. Mrs. Moeller, Shannon and Amber, Beth & Dawn Beatty, Sebastian and Elliot Fowlks, joined us for a few hours of rest in the wee morning hours, and then stayed for a day of fun on Wednesday.
What would be a fun winter day without some sledding? We bundled up and drove down the road to our local little forest preserve to enjoy the snow.

Wednesday we also had the joyful opportunity to celebrate Rebecca Serven's 25th birthday! Thanks for sharing it with us, Rebecca! :) May the Lord pour out his blessings upon you this coming year.
As part of the birthday celebration, we enjoyed a "talent swap" of sorts and enjoyed numerous humerous musical presentations from members of both families. Then the hours sped away as the younger ones headed to bed, the parents talked in the kitchen, and the young adult crowd enjoyed a games and laughter together.

As one might expect after a series of late nights and full days, Thursday morning started slowly - and sadly, for all good things must come to an end. And shortly after noon, the Serven Clan was loaded up and headed for home. We had a great time with y'all! Come back again, ya' hear? What a joy is the fellowship of friends! God has truly and richly blessed our family this year - we're grateful for you all!


The Serven Clan said...

Thanks for having us up this week, we had a blast!

BTW, who is that wiped out at the bottom of the hill? ;)


Jonathan M. Erber said...

Um, Peter,

That was You, Andrew and I. Was that memory knocked out of your mind? I hope you're doing alright. :) We have another picture that was taken just a fraction of a second before that fatal... oops, I mean fateful moment. :)

Thanks for coming up, we had a blast also. We'll have to do it again soon!

The Serven Clan said...


Yes, I have fully recovered from the fateful spill.

Hope we can see y'all soon. We do need to try our new sleds out on some Harvard snow...