Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quick Update

I guess it's been rather quiet on this blog of late, and as I'm sure you are all just so curious about what's been keeping us, here's an update!

*Thanksgiving was a wonderful time with Grandpa & Grandma Erber, Aunt Jill (Dad's sister) & Uncle Don, Nathan, Jeanine & Corrine. And we had enough food for us to enjoy leftovers and leftover adaptions for several days!

*On Thanksgiving day we also took out a box of old pictures and spent the next day or so sorting through them. Most of them made it into a quickly made album and have been labeled and organized so that we know who everyone is!

*For the last 7+ years the ICHE office has been in our home and now it's moving out. So last week we spent a rather significant portion of time cleaning and sorting the office, and packing of all the ICHE stuff.

* We are very excited that basement is finally almost finished! The boys did a bunch of tiling work down there this past weekend. Final details yet to be done include carpeting, straightening, and paint.

*Sunday afternoon we spent with Grandpa & Grandma Erber. They asked us to get out and put up their Christmas decorations, as it is becoming more of a challenge for them. Of course, in keeping with the tradition we turned on their old stereo system and were serenaded by their old records.

*On Tuesday, this week, we had the delightful opportunity to host the Desaulniers family from Iowa. We met them at one of the conferences we attended earlier this year and as they were passing through the area on the way home from visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, they stopped in to spend the night at our place. Jonathan posted pictures from the evening on his blog. We spent many hours conversing with them on church, culture, family, and homeschooling issues.

*On Wednesday, part of our family enjoyed the opportunity to have a private 3 hour art class with an artist in the area. Afterwards, we all spent some of the evening over at Jeremy & Sara's to sing Happy Birthday to Caroline and watch her try to blow out the candles. Under certain circumstances, she will take a few steps without holding on to anything... but she still prefers not to!

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Ortega Recorder said...

We love the picture of Caroline looking at Jeremy as if to say,

"Blow? Now, how on earth do you do that??"

So sweet!