Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Week...

We have the Serven Clan here in town for a few days, so this will be another one of those delightfully short updates on life at the Erbers!

Monday - Hmm. Well, Jonathan had a piano lesson Monday evening... I don't remember what happened on Monday.

Tuesday - Sara and Caroline joined us for the day while Jeremy put in a long day on the job site. It is such fun to have them so close! Tuesday evening we hosted a piano recital for Jessica's students. They all did a fabulous job with their pieces, to the relief and delight of their teacher.

Wednesday - Shopping and music lessons in Rockford got off to a late start after somebody, who will remain nameless, locked the keys in the car which was running right as we were about to leave... Dad and Josh both also had keys for the vehicle in their pockets, and neither of them were home. After we finally got to Rockford, winds, snow and unplowed parking lots slowed us down some, but we were still able to get the vital shopping done and make it to the violin and cello lessons on time, and get back safely.

Thursday - Nathan, Jeanine, Corrine, Jeremy, Sara, and Caroline, joined us for dinner Thursday night preceeding a church men's meeting. Shortly after dinner while Jeanine and Sara helped Mom and Joanna make an Italian Christmas specialty, Jessica and Joseph headed down to Des Plaines, IL to spend the night with Grandma Erber. Grandpa was in the hospital for several days last week, but seems to be just fine now!

Friday - Jessica and Joseph took the train back to Harvard, while Dad took the train from Harvard back to Des Plaines, to switch "shifts" with Grandma. As Jessica is writing this and she didn't get home until late afternoon on Friday, she really doesn't know what else happened that day.

Saturday - After waiting, and waiting, they were finally able to talk with a doctor and Grandpa came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon. After which Dad drove back home, too.

In between, beneath, and on top of all that is listed above was a considerable amount of time spent in finishing the basement, cleaning the house, and cooking food for the next couple weeks of festivities, guests, and feasting.

Sunday - Of course, the morning saw us at church - but as there was a party on Saturday night at the facility we rent for our church... well, we had to get there a little early to clean up. Balloons proclaiming "Felize Bautize" gave us some idea of the purpose of the party! Some of the party hosts showed up also Sunday morning and did a lot of the clean up, mopping, etc.

Sunday afternoon, our church enjoyed a time of celebration and song! Focusing on the birth of Christ, we sang songs, read scriptures, listened to some of our talented musicians perform selections from the host of music written rejoicing in the incarnation of our Savior, and we closed by rejoicing in the victory of our lord as we rose to sing, as a congregation, the glorious "Hallelujah Chorus."

Last night, the Serven family of Missouri arrived to spend the next couple of days with us. The big event of their stay being tonight as we'll all make the trek down to Chicago for the Do-It-Yourself Messiah!

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