Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Small Family Joys

Having grown up in a family of 8 kids, it has taken the past 20 months to adjust to having only seven and then only six kids left in the family. But this week, there are only three of us, and we feel ourselves to be a very small gang indeed! Josh's business http://www.resoundingvoice.com/ has brought Josh, Jonathan & Joseph up to Wisconsin for a conference. They left in the wee hours of the morning yesterday (Monday) and will return tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

Last night, shortly after Joanna & I had gotten all settled in bed, a little tap was heard at our door and a young voice asked, "Can I sleep in here?" When you're eight years old and used to having a 13 year old with you, a room can feel awfully big when you're alone. So we pulled out the trundle bed and got him all set to join us for the night. Then Dad and Mom came in and between various telephone interruptions we reviewed the first 15 questions of the Shorter Catechism, prayed, said "goodnight," and were finally off to sleep. Or were we?

When you are used to sharing a bed with a brother, having a bed all to yourself can feel like a huge amount of space, so a couple moments later Josiah had tracked into the empty bedrooms and collected a few pillows to help fill the bed. And all was quiet again - for a moment - until a boy (who was perhaps feeling slightly crowded now?) called up in a squeaky voice, "Do any of you kids up there want a pillow to snuggle with?" Let's merely say that having that little imp in the room with us made the girls a little noisier than we usually are (despite a lecture to Josiah on doing as Rome when in Rome - and as we girls typically just go right to sleep, he should too). We did finally settle down to quieter amusement for a while, which included a few soft lullabys with intentionally discordant background vocals and lyrical commentary. Soon thereafter, however, they quieted down and I found myself alone with my thoughts listening to the even breathing of my 8 and 11 year old siblings.

I wonder, how many girls in their early 20's have as much real fun as I do? Do they have a clue how hysterical and profound children are? Three cheers for the life of a big sister!

Jessica Erber


The Serven Clan said...

Would not life be dull with out the added sweetness and zest of each little one in our families?
: )

Erber Correspondent said...

Very dull, indeed! :)