Monday, February 21, 2005

House Guest!

Opening our home to guests is something our family loves! This past week our family had the opportunity to host a lady from our church from Tuesday through Sunday. Mrs. VanDellen was recovering from heart surgery and needed to not be alone, so we moved one of the couches from the living room to the dining room and converted the living room into a bedroom. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the long-dreamed-of french doors closing off the living room from the rest of the house. So, although we did try to keep quiet, I'm afraid that Mrs. VanDellen ended up with a taste of life in our busy and at times rather noisy home! (Especially when Jonathan practices the piano!) Despite the noise, she had an amazingly fast recovery and within a few days of surgery was up and around and taking walks down our road and helping out around the house! She is now back home and seems to be doing just fine.

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