Thursday, February 17, 2005

Liberty Day Preparations

Nathan (Thomas Nelson, Jr) and Jeremy (Richard Henry Lee) show off their new wigs at a rehearsal for the 2005 Liberty Day festivities! Mark your calendars now for March 19th, and plan on being there! Any of you out-of-towners, let us know if you want to come and we'll find a place for you to stay (ie. our house)! If you don't know what Liberty Day is ... well, then you've really got to come and join us. Simply put, March 23rd is the anniversary of Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death speech and that's what we commemorate each year. We reenact the entire debate surrounding Henry's speech - which debate culminates in the giving of Patrick Henry's entire speech. It is really an incredible performance. Surrounding that highlight of the evening are a bunch of patriotic, historic, musical, non-musical, inspirational, educational, and generally fun presentations!


The Serven Clan said...

Although we would love to take you up on your "out-of-town-guest-for-Liberty-Day" hospitality offer, we will have to pass this year as it is a very long drive. : ) We are going to have our own toned down version of Liberty Day . . . Ben has almost memorized Patrick Henry's speech; however, we have not advanced as far as the wigs! Perhaps we will add them for future events.

Erber Correspondent said...

It's not THAT far of a drive, is it?? Actually, it looks like our family may be visiting my aunt in Santa Barbara this summer. And, yes, we'll be driving, so I imagine that we'll get a taste for just how long it is! Josh has been hired to record the Arizona convention, and since it's only just over 8 hours from Pheonix to Santa Barbara...

On wigs, however, you can make really nifty ones out of quilt batting. That's what we've done for the past several years. But finally they were looking worse and worse and we decided that since we'll probably be doing this again, we might as well invest in some real wigs. Josh did some research and found a guy who would give us a bulk discount - still not cheap, but better!

Congratulations to Ben! Memorizing Henry's speech is quite an accomplishment.