Saturday, June 05, 2010

Early May

The events of the merry month of May began with Josiah and I performing the first movement of "Brahms' Sonata No. 1 in E Minor for cello and piano" at Josiah's cello recital. It was the same piece that Josiah had played in a competition back in February, but we had not really played it since February. So we worked to brush it back up a bit for the recital and then pulled it off rather decently (according to eyewitness accounts). The picture above was taken just after we concluded the performance, which would naturally be the reason we are smiling. **Please note that Josiah is the last of my siblings who is still shorter than I am. I'm thinking that will not be the case much longer.**

Josiah with his teacher, Richard Evans.


For Mother's Day, Josh & Abbey had us all over for a cookout. Sadly, what had been a warm, pleasant day turned rather nasty with hail, rain, and cold winds. But that didn't slow us down too much! The grill still smoked the meat nicely in the midst of the storm, and it cleared enough to allow marshmallow roasting after dinner. And is it ever too cold for Sara's delicious homemade ice cream???

Grace has taken to this odd habit of stealing her brother's baseball hat and wearing it backwards. It's really kind of cute on her! :-)

Aside from those events early May was busy with house projects and Presbytery preparations. I was also gone for most of the first two weeks - not out of town, but all the way across town - house sitting/baby sitting for some friends who were, not just out of town, but out of the country! They left their three youngest at home with me, and overall we had a very enjoyable time together - except for the night when the house security alarm went off three times...

I arrived back home from that "job" on a Friday afternoon. Saturday we traveled a few hours away for a friend's wedding. Sunday was church. Monday was house prep. Tuesday guests arrived for Presbytery. A couple of days after Presbytery wrapped up, I had a piano recital for my students (at which I took no pictures).

And that was May!


Casey said...

Sounds like fun! It is strange to hear that you had colder weather; I think it got to 96 here yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hello, y'all, I don't believe I've met most of you, but me and my brother attended Liberty Day this year and it was a TREMENDOUS (!!!) blessing! Thank you so much!

Oh, by the way, is there a place where I could get the exact lyrics to "For Liberty," the song Jessica wrote, and what are her copyright "policies" with that?

Thanks so much!

Andrew Romanowitz

Erber Correspondent said...

Hello Andrew,

Glad you were able to join us for Liberty Day!

For the lyrics for "For Liberty" just drop us an email. There's a link to our e-address in our blogger profile.

Hope to meet you at Liberty Day 2011!


Anonymous said...

You will! Thanks for the response, I'll get back to you soon.

Andrew Romanowitz